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Our History

The Company established in 2010 in Norway. The vision is to inculcate people about how to improve their way of living by facilitating basic needs. GP have a value contribution in number of projects globally in which namely is south East-Asian region.

The challenge of having basic necessities for human’s is a global issue, especially under developed countries suffered a lot from it and none the less developed countries are facing the same issue due to overburden of population that include locals and foreigners.
The human race indignant for many years due to lack of quality services whether it comes to health concerns, energy constraints, water purification, nutrient requirements and housing / shelter issues.

A solution that is compulsory to help the existing system to regain and improve what has been wasted. This job requires specialize people and resources, a key player who already have a vast experience in human development.

GP provide a single platform where organizations with specialize knowledge and experience collaborate and contribute to prosper a better human life.