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Society where there is understanding

A decade of value contribution to human development and sustainability, GP is recognized as a global service provider when it comes to improving lifestyle through health, nutrition, energy, housing and water.

The foresee impression is to enable an environment where every individual has topnotch facilities when it comes to health concerns, power sector issues, nutrition, housing/shelter and water.

GP is an umbrella where government and private sector companies work together for a unified goal, organizations that have specialized work experience globally to specific areas.

GP team consists of experienced and qualified professionals who jointly put efforts into projects around the globe from scratch to finish. GP takes initiatives with a single point agenda that no single person should be without the basic necessities of life. A quality service that helps to maintain and at the same time improve human prosperity.

GP never comprises quality and along the journey with each responsibility connect best-fit of people and resources. GP religiously works for the communities with affordable solutions. GP portfolio has projects in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China and Indonesia none the less currently comprehending Pakistan for projects.


To develop and execute infrastructure projects in order to facilitate the common man by creating employment opportunities and training staff to achieve professional excellence.


To be recognized as a globally acclaimed brand when it comes to human development and sustainability


  • Honesty
  • Professional Ethics
  • Client Satisfaction
  • On-time Delivery
  • Employees Health and Safety
  • Technical capability enhancement and improvement
  • Development of human assets

Our focus enables us to provide customized, actionable recommendations that draw.

I always have dreamt of an environment where every individual has the freedom to live a quality life and facilitate with the best valuable services that can help to improve communities around the globe.

Otto Evjenth