The brief type: Brittany Blomsterberg ended up being contemplating marriage and family members therapy from an early age, so she invested over ten years in school finding out how to come to be a therapist. After a while, her focus shifted from treatment to training, and she uses a mixture of methods — like yoga and Reiki — to help clients hook up to and turn their own Beacon of Light, as she makes reference to their inner essential charm. Brittany emphasizes brain, human anatomy, and spirit so the entire existence can heal. Her training consists of in both individual an internet-based periods, and she intends to provide a retreat in which individuals can come to recover, revitalize, and unwind. You will get in touch with Brittany at (818) 269-7903 or via email at

Brittany Blomsterberg understood from an early on get older that she wanted to help folks realize by themselves. That passion-led this lady on the road to locating the girl religious recovery exercise by which she assists consumers learn and accept their own authentic selves so that they can achieve the longevity of their unique hopes and dreams. She in addition discovers it rather fulfilling.

“my entire life is really what Needs it to be,” she said.

As Brittany embraced the woman gifts to aid alter schedules, she wishes her consumers feeling confident sharing their particular gifts with other people — that may alter a lot more physical lives while making the entire world a better location for everybody.

Brittany works with males and females to their trip to revealing their particular Divine Self. She feels everybody is already best but might need to pull outer levels which cover right up their own real selves.

Through a number of methods — such as spiritual mentoring, yoga, and Reiki — Brittany guides consumers through a natural recovery process. Throughout the years she actually is developed the woman inherent power to know very well what customers need, and she trusts the woman instincts to steer them to their quest. She pulls on the educational history and several years of knowledge to greatly help consumers get to be the Beacons of Light they might be meant to be.

Customers who work with Brittany can figure out how to love by themselves because they’re, discover untapped talents, and unearth gift suggestions they are able to used to further the objective of their unique schedules.

a Transition From wedding and household Therapy

“we started seeing a counselor in the age 10 and fell in love with the entire process of therapy and discovering myself personally,” said Brittany. A top school therapy course aided her understand that she wished to pursue it as a lifetime career, and she invested next decade discovering marriage and family therapy.

Within her 20s, Brittany began to realize that she ended up being trapped in an unhealthy relationship and she wanted to recognize how it had taken place. She mentioned she was baffled because of the knowledge due to the fact, as a tuned pro, she understood the symptoms of punishment. This experience directed her to open the woman vision beyond therapy and into the in-depth research of theology and spirituality, whereby she moved to Thailand to immerse herself in Eastern thought.

She learned to listen to her instinct and establish a much deeper knowledge of the human knowledge. That is when she discovered a present for hearing beyond her sensory faculties to others. “I becamen’t aware I possessed that ability until we explored spirituality and transitioned into training,” mentioned Brittany, “i desired to-be more present-focused that assist men and women progress, perhaps not remain caught previously.”

Brittany ended the woman connection and got her very own guidance — she moved forward.

She next worked as a Tony Robbins mentor and took her rehearse to a different amount. While she liked the girl development through it, she understood some thing was missing.

“I understood i desired to feature my learnings of spirituality in my own practice and establish my own alternative approach,” Brittany stated. She proceeded generate a course that she uses with clients these days.

a Holistic way of Healing that can help People be the ideal form of Themselves

Brittany doesn’t follow a traditional training design, but instead requires an alternative look at her clients and develops detailed methods of help them.

“we grab a brain, human body, and spirit strategy inside my training,” Brittany stated. Through practices she learned in school, she covers the mindset of clients to assist them work through issues. She delivers pilates in in order to address both mind and body simply by using moves which are very theraputic for their unique requirements.

Brittany also includes the ancient Japanese therapeutic strategy Reiki to help clients cure and lower their own levels of stress. She is accredited as a Reiki II practitioner, in which she utilizes gentle touch to improve energy imbalances within the body, mind, and heart. Because the training is certainly not religion-based, its beneficial to everybody, regardless their unique trust.

“I do believe when someone locates Reiki, they were guided to it for an excuse. Through Reiki, customers learn to trust their bodies to heal themselves; their own fuel really does the work, and that I’m the facilitator,” Brittany stated. She makes use of Reiki to clear places that traumatization was presented on a cellular level in the torso, letting her clients to return to claims of convenience and tranquility.

She also understands when each customer goes through a significant shift. “i’m a power revolution move through my own body whenever my clients release another level that had been stopping all of them from connecting for their Divine Self,” Brittany said.

Some of Brittany’s most impactful customer success tales are the ones of individuals who found the passion for their unique life after receiving the woman solutions. Some customers that moms and dads report they have better relationships due to their young ones, and others have delivered Brittany messages saying their own life are shining thus brightly that they’re able to make major changes — like learning how to love on their own.

Ideas feature Chakra Clearing Workshops and Tropical Retreats

Brittany works together consumers in many ways. The woman local consumers generally visit physically to allow them to get the benefits of Reiki, yoga, in addition to some other methods that she gives to coaching.

For long-distance clients, Brittany offers training telephone calls via phone or Skype, and will also begin power healing over the phone. Classes take place constantly — usually once per week — so customers can acquire energy within healing and transformation. Brittany in addition works closely with people through multiple-session courses and events. One particular, a 7-Week Chakra Clearing Workshop, happens to be training members just how to rebalance their particular seven lively locations through knowledge, connection, Reiki, yoga, and meditation strategies.

“i am open to getting others on with me. So many people have actually various presents, therefore’d end up being a lovely experience to bring every thing together.” — Brittany Blomsterberg, Spiritual Healer

She actually is in the process of preparing an intimate refuge where others can join this lady in a lovely, exotic place — Thailand and Bali are in the operating — experiencing the effective effect of making their usual atmosphere, taking place an innovation quickly, and experiencing facets of different cultures.

Brittany is actually deciding on integrating along with other professionals to supply acupuncture therapy, yoga, and other recovery methods your occasion.

“i am ready to accept delivering others on beside me. More and more people have different gift ideas, also it’d be a beautiful experience to take everything with each other,” mentioned Brittany.